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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications and experience of the Psychologists undertaking the assessment? 

         • Dr Michael Thomson - View CV

         • Mrs Amanda Cannan - View CV

         • Ms Alexea Stevens - View CV

         • Mrs Sarah Clarke - View CV

         • Dr Rachel Johnson - View CV

All of the psychologists have had post graduate training (following their Psychology degree) in Psychometrics, Psychological & Educational assessment, the assessment of specific learning difficulties and other relevant skills. This was undertaken by Dr. Thomson who supervises the assessments and reports.

What tests will be used?

If a full psychometric assessment is undertaken an individual cognitive ability test, such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children or the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales will be given. Attainment tests, such as individual word reading, text reading, comprehension and fluency will be administered alongside measures of spelling and writing. Mathematical assessments can also be undertaken. Finally, appropriate diagnostic tests, such as phonological awareness, perceptual and memory skills or non-word reading will be undertaken. Details of the tests and costs are further outlined on this website.

What will be the outcome?

The assessment will enable an evaluation of ability and intelligence, including a detailed cognitive profile. Attainments and diagnostic test will provide an analysis of, for example, reading and spelling achievements, levels and errors, along with an evaluation of the individual learning difficulties that underlie any problems. Diagnostic comments and guides for future teaching and, where appropriate, exam requirements will be given. A detailed report (see later) will be provided.

What will happen when I book an assessment?

When an assessment has been booked, parents will be sent a questionnaire to fill in on background details for the child, including information about early development and current schooling. If you are an adult, there will be a questionnaire for you to fill in as well.
You will then be given an appointment date and time to see one of the Educational Psychologists at our consultancy rooms. On arrival you will be met by the Psychologist who will chat to you and commence the assessment. This will take anything between 2 – 4 hours, depending on the test given and the particular circumstances of the child/person attending.
Discussion and feedback about the results will be given on the day and then a report will follow.









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