East Court Assessment Centre

How much will the assessment cost?

This is a guide to our fees. They may vary depending on the type of assessment. For example, assessments for tribunals or statementing, visiting schools or travelling will incur further charges depending on requirements - please ask for an estimate.

The cost of the assessment depends on the type and the following is a schedule of our current standard costs for your information. The fee is paid on the day of the assessment.

 Test   Outcome  Timescale & Cost
 1 Full individual psychometric assessment: (children and adults) e.g. Wechsler Intelligence Scale, word reading and spelling tests, assessment  reading, comprehension, memory and phonological tests as appropriate. Index (verbal, non-verbal, processing speed, working memory) and general estimates of I.Q., detailed cognitive profile, reading and spelling attainment ages, analysis of reading and spelling errors, diagnostic comments and statements, suggestions and guides for support.

Individual testing with child 3 to 4 hours.

Preparation of report.

Discussion with parents

1/2 hour.

Cost: £950

 2 DSA Assessments

Recognised Educational Psychology Assessments for Students at or entering Higher Education.

A shortened version of the Full individual Psychometric Assessment described above. Approximately 3-4 hours.

Preparation of report.

Cost £450 - £630

depending on type of report.

 3 Attainment screening: e.g. Word reading and spelling, assessment of reading comprehension

Reading and spelling attainments, comments on difficulties and brief suggestions for remediation.

Approximately 1/2 hour.

Preparation of report.

 4 Review reports: If a full assessment has been undertaken, a review assessment can be provided. This involves monitoring attainment results. Reading, writing and spelling attainments, some cognitive tests, along with evaluation of progress and future targets for  support Approximately 2 hours.

Preparation of report.

Cost: £550

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